"Global enterprises trust Onapsis to protect the essential information and processes that run their businesses."







Critical mission

Onapsis contacted us in the middle of developing their flagship product, Onapsis Security Platform (OSP), with the need to accelerate their go-to-market, aiming to be the "first cybersecurity solution for SAP Systems".
Getting ready for demos and investment rounds, Onapsis reached to us to provide consulting on a critical piece: the administration front-end.
We accepted the challenge.

The rigth solution

We advised in the architectural design of the front-end, and participated in the development of both Javascript front-end and Python back-end, our two main areas of expertise.

Onapsis needed to move fast, while also keeping a robust and highly customizable codebase.
These objectives seem to be opposed at first, but we achieved them by choosing modular open-source technologies: Backbone and D3 in the web app, Python Pyramid and SQLAlchemy in the backend.

From these industry-proven, agnostic and modular building blocks, we came up with a combination that allowed rapid development, preserving the freedom to tweak any detail and the confidence of working with a solid foundation.

Bussiness value delivered

We worked closely with the Onapsis team to quickly learn as much of their business domain as possible, achieving high business value results, like a set of specific D3 data-visualization components, or the implementation of a custom Role Based Access Control in the back-end.

Onapsis successfully launched new features in demos and investment rounds, ramping up development while maintaining a solid but easily customizable codebase, that persists across the evolution of the product.
Their go-to-market was a success, acquiring important clients and investors.

Long-term relationship

From 2013 to 2017 Onapsis has relied on us to provide technical expertise in key areas of their business:

  • 2013-2015: Architectural design and development of the JavaScript front-end and Python back-end for their flagship product, Onapsis Security Platform (OSP)
  • 2016: Built an integration between Onapsis’ product and IBM® QRadar®
  • 2015-2017: Onapsis relied on us again to advance their automated testing efforts, we created a framework to automate and document integration tests, combining Python, Jupyter, Swagger and Docker.