"The Betterez enterprise SaaS platform offers flexible, scalable cloud-based solutions for travel, transportation and admissions"








Critical mission

Betterez reached to us while experiencing a process of uninterrupted growth. It was critical for them to have a robust, scalable solution, ready to support a constant flow of new big clients. They knew their system, with a monolithic architecture, would be expensive to extend and maintain.
We started to collaborate with the Betterez team, taking the challenge as our own.

The right solution

We worked side by side with the Betterez team to build a microservice-based architecture, extracting features from the monolithic codebase into a set of modern REST APIs, ready to support new clients and requirements. We were in charge of developing core services, responsible for sales, payment and customer accounts.

We also created a front-end from scratch, a Progressive Web App using Vue.js and server-side rendering with Nuxt. This modern solution is capable of providing an improved UX across old and new browsers. Server-side rendering allows fast loading times and deep-linking to every part of the app, key business requirements. Based on small reusable components, it reduces development costs and speeds up Betterez’s continuous delivery.

Bussiness value delivered

The modernization of Betterez’s codebase and new front-end represented a reduction of costs and development time, while also improving the continuous delivery of critical new features. As a result, Betterez keeps growing successfully, supporting new clients and user segments.

Long-term relationship

We collaborate with Betterez since early 2015 to this day.