We are a work cooperative

Devecoop is a worker cooperative, formed by a group of software development professionals. Every worker is a partner, an owner with voice and vote, committed to the company’s future.

Our organization is organized democratically, always looking for consensus, understanding that everyone is a fundamental part of the company.

This works great for our clients: there is no competition between us, we cooperate to grow up professionally, delivering the best results and making quality work that we are proud of.


We are software professionals

Our mission is to deliver an extensive technical expertise and integrated solutions of high quality, with constant innovation and value-added services, always striving to provide outstanding results. The goal is to help our clients exceed their goals, building solid long term relationships.

To accomplish this, we rely on the vast experience and deep technical knowledge of our people. This, and our ability to constantly integrate and adapt the latest technologies, are our main strengths.

We have provided services to clients of different sizes, operating in multiple industries, allowing us to learn in detail the business logic of various activities, such as electronic payments, electronic commerce, harbor logistics, social networks, health systems, banking interactions, among others.


We work with Free Software

We believe in the Free Software values, as a development methodology as well as a social movement, directly aligned with cooperativism.

For our clients, this translates into benefits such as very low or no licensing fees at all, preventing vendor lock-in, interoperability, support and endorsement from a global community of experts. It also makes finding trained developers easy, among other things.


We are a part of FACTTIC

We are funding members of the Argentina’s Federation of Worker Cooperatives in Technology, Innovation and Knowledge (FACTTIC). With it’s members we are a network across the country that allows us, by intercooperation, to successfully work on projects at any scale, covering any profile requirement with talented individuals, as well as doing multidisciplinary developments between software, hardware, education, art, and others.


Cooperativa de Trabajo Devecoop Ltda.

Phone: +54 11 6841-2082
Chile 1155, 1º (C1098AAW)
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina
Federación Argentina de Cooperativa de  Trabajo de Tecnología Data Fiscal